Powerups and the black screen issue

First  to talk about the black screen issue! Some android phones were greeted to a black screen when trying to open the game, after some searching I found out it was due to using 32-bit display buffer in Unity in the Resolution and Presentation tab of the player settings.

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 1.08.20 PM


I’ve also added a random chance to drop a sphere that when destroyed can either slow time, double the player, make the player invincible, give +1 life or explode all the other projectiles on the screen.

Here are a gif showing the double vision powerup in action:


Zucken is now available on Google Play

‘Nuff said. Now to try and reach the press!

Zucken’s Google Play trailer is out!

It took a while but a finally made a trailer I was happy with. Game is out this Sunday on the Play Store, and as soon as Apple aproves it in the App Store.

Hello world

Hello world. There. Just getting this first post out of the way so that I can make a second post in a near dystopian future.